Sew Simply Stitched

Quilting & Sewing Retreat

 March 26-28, 2020 ~ Vernal, UT
Uintah Conference Center 

2019 Retreat Charity Project

Medical Play Dolls

Please bring your finished, dressed medical dolls to be collected at the retreat. 
Click HERE  for Doll Pattern & Instructions
NOTE: Please select light colored fabric for doll so children can draw on them.
Click HERE  for Doll Medical Gown Pattern
Click HERE for Doll Scrubs Pattern

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Moon Lake Electric
Our Charity Project for this year's retreat is a special one! We have the opportunity to give back to the beautiful children who are in need in our communities. This year, we will be making "Medical Play Dolls".

These darling dolls bring comfort to children who are preparing for a medical procedure. Doctors and surgeons use the dolls to explain to children their planned procedure.  The doctors draw on the dolls and then  give the doll to the child to keep. The patients can color on them with markers and take them home when the procedure is finished. 

The finished doll is approximately 12" tall and made from solid cotton fabrics. Please use the patterns provided above to make dolls for the youngest of patients. All instructions are included on the patterns. Please make sure the doll fabric is light in color, allowing patients to decorate and color with markers.

Did you know Primary Children's Hospital uses just over 500 of these dolls every year? Local hospitals also use them, so there are plenty of places for us to donate them! 

We encourage each retreat participant to bring at least one finished doll body with a set of clothing to the retreat! This is a great way to use up some of those quilt scraps to make pajamas or a gown for your doll!  We will provide the doll stuffing at the retreat to complete your doll and even some fabric to make extras if you just can't help yourself and want to make more!

Every clothed doll you donate will earn you a raffle ticket to enter to win an amazing prize at the retreat!! The prize will be awarded on Saturday, so you have plenty of time to make as many as you want! 

"In April 2018, Taylee had surgery to fix a hearing loss in her left ear. She had a moderate hearing loss, where two bones in her middle ear needed to be fixed. We figure that she was born with it and never knew until her kindergarten hearing screening. Although I had tried to prep her about everything that was going to happen, before surgery she was still very nervous. From the moment we arrived at Primary Children's Medical Center the morning of her surgery, the entire surgical team was amazing and very patient with Taylee. One of the surgical team members brought Taylee a doll. She let her pick out the gown she wanted to dress her doll in and told Taylee she could draw a face on it to make it look like her. Taylee was so excited to create her doll. Throughout the whole process, the surgical team would first demonstrate what was going to be done using the doll, and then they would work on it with Taylee. This helped Taylee feel at ease and showed her that things weren't so scary. The doll went with Taylee throughout the whole process and throughout the day, and brought a lot of comfort to her.Taylee's doll now sits on her bed every day and she still plays with the doll on a normal basis. The doll acts as a reminder of Taylee's bravery with the events surrounding her surgery and also reminds her of a great achievement in her life" -Brandi, Taylee's Mom

What a fun way to use our sewing talents to help the sweet children in our communities who are going through any number of things! We can't wait to see a table or two full of dolls at the retreat!