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3/25/21, 2:00 PM

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The Hunter’s Star is a beautiful quilt that many quilters would like to make someday. We will use Deb Tucker’s “Rapid Fire” ruler and techniques to make a wall quilt. This is a time saving, accurate, step-by-step way to make the blocks. It’s easier, more precise, and works for beginners as well as more experienced quilters. The construction tool has instructions for both right and left-handed trimmers.
We will make a basic two-color version of the quilt. After you understand the concept, I will demonstrate how to prepare additional blocks for 3 and 4 color varieties. You will go home with ideas for more block arrangements, color schemes and sizes than you thought imaginable. You won’t want to make just one.

Hunter's Star


Marianne Ballash

As a young girl Marianne loved doing everything her mom did and
learned to love crafting and creating. She was knitting by age 5 and sewing her clothes by the age of 12. One summer between college semesters she spent the evenings at her grandmother’s house hand quilting
with her. Marianne’s love for quilting was just beginning. Shortly after
moving into her current home, just over 30 years ago, she was invited to
join a quilting group. They would spend one evening a week gathered
together quilting and learning piecing and applique techniques. Those
mentors became some of her greatest friends. She’s been hooked ever
She has spent the last 30 years taking classes and meticulously learning
new techniques and finding fun and efficient ways to make beautiful
quilts. Recently she started creating her own patterns and projects and
didn’t know she could love quilting even more! She is always looking for
new patterns and techniques and loves every step of the quilting process.
Quilting isn’t just a fun hobby, it gathers friends and families and creates
lasting memories! Marianne loves seeing her grandbabies snuggled in
their quilts or her kids and their families having a picnic on a quilt she’s
made! Marianne hopes that “Quilting with Marianne” will help others create memories and find their passion for quilting.
Teaching: Hunter’s Star
Big Bag

Fabric Requirements

- Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star Petite Star Template with Basic Instructions
- ¾ yard of light fabric
- ¾ yard of dark fabric
- ¼ yard for inner border (if desired)
- ¾ yard for outer border (if desired)
- 1/3 yard for binding

Class Supply List

- Basic Sewing kit including extra needles
- ¼” sewing machine foot
- Neutral colored thread
- Rotary cutter with a new blade
- Cutting mat (optional)
- Acrylic ruler about 3”x12”
- Personal ironing mat (optional)
- Small personal iron (optional)