Kimberbell Twilight Boo-levard Embroidered Bench Pillow

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3/25/21, 9:30 PM

Class Kit

Skill Level

Confident Beginner on Machine Embroidery

About the Class

$68 (mandatory) Includes fabric, embellishments and Shape-flex. available
at Dave’s 435-656-1498

Stroll along Kimberbell’s Twilight Boo-levard to visit all of your favorite “haunts!” Stop into Bella’s Boo-tique for
their grand opening, then rest a spell beneath a spooky old tree. The boo-berry pie from Broomhilda’s Bakery is
simply “to die for.” Enjoy a slice, then sign up for the mystery quilt at the Candy Corn Quilt Shoppe! With fairy lights,
Embroidery Leather, buttons and Mylar and more. The Twilight Boo-levard Bench Pillow is so enchanting, it’s almost
This will be such a fun class! Don’t miss out on your chance to get a great deal on this Kimberbell’s Twilight Boo-levard Design Pack. Stop by the Dave’s Bernina booth to get your kit so you are ready to go when
class starts. You will be able to finish one house during class and have all the supplies to keep going to create the
whole bench pillow.

Kimberbell Twilight Boo-levard Embroidered Bench Pillow


Tracy Lovejoy

Tracy is the proud mom of 3 amazing adult kids, one angel son and has
been married to her high school “prince charming” for almost 40 years.
She moved to St. George, Utah 14 years ago and decided it was the
perfect time to develop a new hobby. She bought her first Bernina at
that time and has been addicted to quilting ever since. Her quilting journey has progressed to the point that she has been teaching machine
embroidery, applique, traditional piecing and machine owner education
classes at Dave’s Bernina in St. George for the last 4 years…She also
enjoys making things for her 10 grandkids who are the love of her life.
When not sewing, she is an avid fan of most sports. Her favorite teams
to follow are BYU and the Kansas City Chiefs.
Teaching: Kimberbell Flamingo Beauties Embroidered Pillow
Kimberbell Twilight Boo-levard Embroidered Bench Pillow
Snow Globe Embroidery

Fabric Requirements

None Needed

Class Supply List

** Sewing machines provided by Dave’s Bernina
• Fabric Kit $67- Fabric, embellishments, & Shapeflex only (Please purchase ahead of time so it can be picked-up at
the retreat in our Bernina Booth.)
• Isacord Thread kit: $40 discounted (Highly recommended to ensure great success)
• Twilight Boo-levard Design Pack ($29.95 and a 20% discount with event)
• BSK (Basic Sewing Kit)
• Rotary Cutter and Mat
• Travel Iron and Iron Pad,
• Best Press
• Precision Tool
• 505 Spray
• Hand Sewing Needle
• Sharp embroidery scissors
• Orange Pop Rulers-optional but very helpful and encouraged
• Kimberbell Tape
• Embroidery Threads will get list to you
• OESD Stablizers Tear Away, Poly Mesh-Cut Away, Wash Away
(Highly recommended to ensure great success and stitch quality)