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Mylar Boot Embroidery

Course Price



3/22/23, 6:00 PM


3/23/23, 2:00 PM

Class Kit

Supplies are 20% off @ Dave’s Bernina with registration

Skill Level

Confident Beginner on Machine Embroidery

About the Class

Let's make this into a Bag, but you could easily do a Table runner or Quilt.
I just LOVE my boots, and these boots aren't just for walking! We will be doing embroidery boots and fun quotes to make the cutest shopping bag! We will be using the new Bernina "Free Arm" hoop and a mylar medium to add that extra special sparkle to your boots! This is such a fun class full of ideas for further use of these embroidery designs! You'll be the envy of everyone else for the weekend as you carry this cute bag around. So, these boots aren't just for walking but shopping too!

Fabric Requirements

**Bags will be provided for class members only**

Class Supply List

**Sewing machines provided by Dave’s Bernina
For the BEST results, please bring the following supplies.
* Aqua Mesh Plus
* Isacord Thread (I will send a list of the threads I use after I get the class list)
* Thread nips
* Purely Gates design pack "Mylar Boots"
* Purely Gates "Mylar"
* Bigger cutting scissors

Mylar Boot Embroidery


Shawn Schouten


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