Quilting Bake Off Sampler

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3/26/21, 9:30 PM

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A cake mix recipe is a piece of paper you layer with one 10” x 10” color fabric, one 10” x 10” background fabric with
one cake mix recipe on top. You simply sew on the dashed lines and cut on the solid lines for perfectly shaped blocks
without waste, that require no squaring or trimming. In this class you will get to sample 8 different cake mix recipes
(each cake mix makes 4 or more different blocks). When we combine these recipes along with blocks found in “The
Cake Mix Quilt Book” we will have you cooking up a beautiful Sampler Quilt. Imagine sewing Crème Brulee blocks,
Ganache blocks, Cheesecake, Marzipan and more. We will talk about color placement and balance. You will even be
able to swap recipes so that you can create your own unique Quilt Sampler.
We will show you more than one color way with some of the fabrics shown. The sky is the limit!

Quilting Bake Off Sampler


Leslie Christensen

I grew up playing under a quilt while my mom and her friends
were quilting and visiting. The art of quilting wasn’t enough for me,
I wanted to piece quilts like my grandmothers. My mom always
said she was not interested in piecing quilts because she didn’t
want to cut out all the little pieces. She had never met my friends
“Olfa Mat” and “Rotary Cutter”.
Some wonderful women invited me to attend their quilt group
where I was taught from the best. That was 23 years ago… now
they are my dear friends. Quilting has a way of bringing people
together. In 2017, I purchased American Quilting in Orem, Utah. I
love meeting fellow quilters and helping others find the joy in quilting. The need to create, combined with my love for color produces
a passion for creating quilts. I love the process of bringing colored
fabrics together, cutting them up, and reassembling them to create a quilt that can be used forever!
Come to my class so I can get you hooked… I mean started.
Teaching: Pineapple Ruler
Quilting Bake Off

Fabric Requirements

Assortment of (44) Cake Mix Recipes. $12.00
• You will need 30 Recipe papers to make the Quilt Sampler. I have curated a set of Moda Cake Recipes so that you
can try them all. You will also have the option of making a larger quilt or switching recipes and putting in different
blocks with the additional papers.
• The Cake Mix Quilt Book $14.95
• Background fabric
• 1 Moda 98 white layer cake (the quick and easy way) with (44) 10” x 10” squares and 1 yard matching yardage for
sashing and borders. $45.85
• You may bring 4 ¼ yards background fabric.
• Solid Colors (or fabric of your choice)
• We will have 17 solid colors in our color palette ranging from pastel to bright.
• In our sampler we will use (30) 10” x 10” solid color squares. You have an additional (14) Cake Mix Recipes to use
so you may want additional fabrics. Here are three fabric options:
• Fabric Packet 1: (2) each of 14 fabrics and (4) each 3 fabrics =40 fabrics $24.00
• Fabric Packet 2: (3) each of 17 fabrics = 51 fabrics for more variety $30.60
• Fabric Packet 3: (4) each of 17 fabrics = 68 fabrics for even more variety $40.90
If you are bringing fabric from home, you will need (40) 10”x 10” squares.

Class Supply List

Sewing Machine in good working condition. Oiled and ready with a new needle.
• Cutting mat, rotary cutter with a new blade, ruler
• Straight pins
• Ironing surface and small Iron (optional)
• Scissors
• All your creative juices ready to sew and design a colorful Sampler Quilt