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Sandhill Sling Bag

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3/22/23, 9:45 PM

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Skill Level

Confident Beginner

About the Class

One thing I hate about summer is having to carry my purse. During the winter I keep my wallet, phone and
chap stick in my coat pocket. Summer comes, and no more pockets. This sling bag is the perfect addition to my
summer. No more bulky purse; no more sore shoulders; no more bumping it into everything. Perfect for a
few necessities slung on my back. Slings over your shoulder to your back. Can’t wait to try it while riding my
bike. This bag has a pocket on the inside and a zipper one on the outside. Easy zippers to put in. Don’t let it
frighten you. We will work on this bag together.

Fabric Requirements

5/8 yd Exterior Fabric (can be cotton, canvas or faux leather)
5/8 yd Lining Fabric
1 ½ yd Fusible Woven Interfacing (SF101)
1 18” handbag zipper with two zipper pulls (head to head handbag zipper) best zippers are from “By Annie”
1 10” handbag zipper with one zipper pull
1” wide D-ring
1 ½” wide strap slider
1 ½” wide swivel snap
1 ½ yd cotton webbing 1 ½”wide, or ¼ yd exterior fabric to make strap

Class Supply List

Basic Sewing Kit
Sewing Machine and coordinating thread
Water-soluble pen
Rotary cutter with a sharp blade
Cutting mat
Small personal iron and ironing surface (optional)

Sandhill Sling Bag


Rochelle Meyer

I grew up sewing with my mom, mainly clothing. I sewed clothing because I had to if I wanted
clothes for school. I sewed crafts because I loved to! Interest in crafts led to quilting. As a youth, I made many
whole top quilts by tying them. I made my first real quilt for my parents 50 th wedding anniversary. I designed it
around drawings my daughter drew of all the grandchildren. Most of it was made through trial and error, with
a little bit of help from books and quilt shops. That was the beginning of my addiction. I continued to make
quilts and to teach myself different techniques. As my last of 5 children entered high school, I tried to figure
out what I wanted to do with my life. I had taught elementary school before and debated on entering that
field again, but it didn’t feel right. The opportunity came to work for a quilt shop, and I jumped at it.
Discovered at the quilt shop, that I could combine my loves of learning, quilting, and teaching! For the past
10+ years I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge with others as I have taught machine classes,
embroidery classes and piecing classes. I’m a proud wife and mom of 5 kids, all married to awesome spouses
and best of all, I have 8 grandchildren that love to sew along with me.

Teaching: Sandhill Sling Bag and Arrow Stone Quilt


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