Sew Simply Stitched

Quilting & Sewing Retreat

 March 26-28, 2020 ~ Vernal, UT
Uintah Conference Center 

Sew Simply Stitched 2019 Educator

Paula McKinlay

Not a lot has changed in my life ....but updated we have added another son-in-law....our baby girl (age 25) graduated from college, got married and moved in 2 weeks time....and we added another we total 12....I have been designing, creating, knitting, stitching, and sewing for many, many, many years.....actually I started with Betsy Wetsy, Barbie, Ken, Midge and my troll dolls. then moved on to designing clothes for myself. 30 something years ago I started piecing quilts.....I love every aspect of quilting except binding....What I want in life is MORE TIME and world peace. I am: wife to 1, mother to 5 (still hoping to get pregnant and have more children), mother-in-law to 4, granny to 12. I live a charmed life.Follow me on instagram. @pauladmckinlay'll recognize me, I am the one hula-hooping.