Sew Simply Stitched

Quilting & Sewing Retreat

 March 26-28, 2020 ~ Vernal, UT
Uintah Conference Center 

Drawing with your Sewing Machine

9:00 AM to Noon

All of us have a desire and natural ability to create.   Can you draw a square or a circle?  Than this is the class for you!  Let’s take your kindergarten or doctorate drawing skills (whichever may be your case) to a truly unique quilt project.   Come join Heather as she gives you an introduction to free-motion stitching with your sewing machine.  She will be right there to help you design, draw templates, and guide you through your own thread sketches!  Heather’s tips and tricks will enable you to confidently create and add elements of appliqué to your sketches, achieving darling and stunning results.

In class you will learn techniques to create a quilt, personalize anything, make fabulous quilt labels and even one-of-a-kind greeting cards! 
This is a class for all level of quilters.

Taught by 
Heather Spurlock