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We can provide much needed items for our Veterans!


We have a wonderful opportunity to help our Veteran Service members in their time of need.

Utah has 4 Veteran homes in the State of Utah.

We want to spend time putting together as many Adult Bibs as possible during the retreat. If you want to make some and bring them to the retreat, we will make sure they get where they are needed most! Each bib requires two 1/2 yard cuts of fabric. If you have extra fabric you would like to get rid of, bring it with you to the retreat and we will make some bibs out of it!

We will provide the closures.

Find the free download here:


Want to make something before the retreat?

How about making some walker and wheelchair bags and bring them to the retreat?

They are simple, but can make a huge difference to those who need them

Find several free patterns here:


357628836_647601157425469_5245738925262229737_n (1).jpg

What a blessing all of you have been to our Builder's Without Borders of Utah!

We currently have 85 quilts to donate and $2500.00 to send to Mexico.

That will serve so many with your generosity and we just want to say.... THANK YOU!!

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