This will be an amazing swap for the retreat!! Who doesn't want/need a darling lanyard to keep things close at hand and organized while you are in a class, heading to meals or sewing the night away? Definitely a keepsake when swapped with a new friend.

Use the vinyl pocket on front to hold a name tag or ID card... or just a shopping list. Carry credit cards or cash in the zippered fabric pocket. Tuck a cell phone into the mesh pocket on back for easy access

The pattern is free... you just need to gather the supplies and get busy.



We will be swapping a needle booklet on Thursday! Who doesn't need a million of these darlings! Come with one finished and ready to swap. You can embellish it any way you want and we are including a free pattern tutorial, or one you can purchase. Finding the pattern is the easy part... deciding on just one is a little more difficult!



These adorable drawstring bags give small and medium projects a safe place to be when you take them on the go. Customize the number and placement of pockets to your liking, and use fabric or ribbon for the drawstring. Perfect way to use your new favorite fabric collections or   left-overs from a favorite project. Free pattern and you will want to make a lot of them!

Great swap for Friday night!!