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Down the Cookie Rabbit Hole

Course Price



3/20/24, 6:00 PM


3/22/24, 6:00 PM

Class Kit

Kit Includes all supplies needed:
6 Baked Cookies
Pre-made icing bags
4” x 4” Gripper Mat
Cookie Scribe and Scissors (Tools will be returned at the end of class)

Skill Level

All Skill Levels

About the Class

If you've ever fallen in love with watching cookie icing videos or just want a way to make your treats with a little extra magic, come learn how to create a wonderful wonderland set of cookies. In this class, we will learn basic piping techniques, icing consistencies, wet-on-wet icing, detailing, and more. You may not want to eat your beautiful work, but the best part is… this art is edible!

Fabric Requirements

Class Supply List

Down the Cookie Rabbit Hole


Annie Resinmay

I'm Annie Risenmay, and I am obsessed with baking AND quilts! I've enjoyed baking since I was a young girl, but I began learning to decorate cookies in 2021 and fell in love. I posted some of my first cookie creations on Instagram, and my friends started ordering and then telling their friends...and now I have a hobby business of custom cookie decorating and teaching classes. I am always curious about new cookie techniques and want to learn all the ways to give my delicious cookies an even fancier look. I am a firm believer in making mistakes and moving on because when all is said and done, a cookie is a cookie!

My career is at the University of Utah, helping direct a department where we review research to make sure that people who decide to be in studies are safe and have their rights protected. When I'm not dreaming up cookie designs or working my day job, I love to read, chase my young son around, learn Spanish, and find great travel deals.


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